Cooking with Paty


Italian cuisine, appreciated throughout the world,

taught to tourists arriving in Como

my passion for cooking passed down to you!

choose the experience that most attracts you

I will be by your side to help you live a unique experience that will teach you how to prepare, cook, savor and enjoy true Italian cuisine.


I believe there cannot be a more Italian experience than preparing pasta with your own hands.

I will reach you at your holiday home bringing everything you need and also the sauce, which you will have previously chosen, so that you can enjoy an excellent dish of Italian pasta made with your own hands.


Staying comfortably in your holiday home I can reach you and prepare an excellent Italian dinner for you and with you, showing you all the preparation phases.

You can choose different menus according to your tastes or your needs for allergies and intolerances.


Italian wines are an excellence in the world.

Well !!! What’s better than tasting some of them while also pairing each wine with its tasting food?

You don’t need to move, I’ll join you in your holiday home to let you live this unique and super Italian experience!!

Tasting of red, white and rosé wines.

love for good food

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My name is Patrizia, I am 54 years old and I was born and raised in Como.

I have learned the art and love of cooking from my grandmother Ottavia since I was a little girl and since then my greatest joy has been having my hands in the dough.

I enjoy preparing for relatives and friends.

I love making homemade pasta and ravioli.

As tradition dictates, for Christmas we all get together and we are 4 generations: me, my mother Marisa, my daughters Carlotta and Lucia and in recent years also my granddaughter Vittoria, only 6 years old, working to prepare the agnolini Mantovani, like grandmother Ottavia taught me.

In autumn, however, it is the turn of Mantua-style pumpkin ravioli.

In short, every season has its own recipe, but my love for cooking is the same all year round!!!

Make the pasta

My passion for cooking, together with the fortune of being born in Italy, pushed me to want to turn what I love doing most into a job: cooking!

The joy of being able to teach others to create with their own hands and make pasta dishes themselves, the Italian product par excellence!

The joy and satisfaction of a pasta dish made entirely with your hands, starting from basic ingredients such as flour, water and eggs.

A pasta dish will never have been so special!!